Nov 5th, 2010

I’ve added tons of screencaptures from the Iron Man 2 deleted scenes, I know there are a few more scenes in the Blu-ray edition and I’m working to get those up as well.

Video versions of these  are on my t o-do list, don’t worry.

Also, Lady S has donated three Tony/Pepper fan videos to the Media Vault.

(you’ll need to register to see the vids)

If you’re interested on sharing your fanvids with other Pepper/Tony fans, please send me an email so we can discuss it. Or you can always join our YouTube group.

I’ve made several changes to the sidebar as well, there’s a new Pepperony Moment and an RSS feed for the latest stories added to our fanfiction archive.

Don’t forget to follow tonyandpepper(dot)net’s twitter account, which will keep you up to date with all the newest additions to the site.

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